What are the best mini choppers?

We’re not talking about full-size food processors this time around but about their little brothers.

Mini choppers are a good idea if you don’t have the necessary room in your kitchen, your budget doesn’t agree with the food processor, and other reasons along those lines. They’ll do a lot of the work for you, and do their best as a replacement in absence of their older brothers. You’ll never get out of a little chopper what you could if you bought a real food processor, but they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Now this article isn’t going to linger on differences between mini choppers and food processors any more. We all know food processors are a superior choice. They also cost much more and take up a lot more space. So, instead on harping on that for a while, we’re going to start talking about some of the reasons you’ll want a mini chopper in your kitchen.

This is where mini choppers and food processors start to look alike a lot.

The first thing you’ll want to keep in mind is the fact that any kind of electric chopper will save you a ton of time. It’ll do all the tedious cutting, chopping, shredding, and all those kitchen operations you hate for you and it’ll do them way better and way quicker. It’s really a way to up your game in the kitchen, for just a fraction of the cost of your average food processor. Time is the most valuable resource we have at our disposal, so saving it in chunks day after day sounds like a plan to me!

I’ve already mentioned this in the previous point, but here it is again. These choppers will do the work much better than any one of us possibly could. So, you’ll be saving time and improving the quality of the work done at the same time. You see why I wanted to give you these reasons for buying a little chopper before I hit you with some specific brands and models. It’s a mistake people do when they just go in it for selling purposes. We’re constantly bombarded by products and advertisements without anybody taking the time to tell us why we would even need their product. That’s why I like talking about the product in general before going in-depth with the specific models.

The third reason that’ll put your mind at ease when it comes to these little guys is the fact that famous chefs use them. You can even see it in the bunch of cooking shows. You see chefs whipping out these choppers all the time just to make a really quick marinade or pesto. So, if they use them in their own kitchens, I think they’re probably good enough for us too.

So, we have out trifecta of reasons why you should at least consider adding one of these bad boys to your kitchen arsenal. They’ll save you a lot of time, but they’ll also make your cooking better and help it reach the next level. It’ll do all the tasks you put in front of it reasonably faster than you could, and probably a lot better. Even if you’re a god with the knife, you’ll definitely tire before it does. Last point was that the world-famous chefs use them all the time, so there must be something of substance in this whole story.

Now that we’ve concluded that getting this little gadget was a good idea, we can finally get to revealing some of the best mini choppers on the market. We have a couple of hand-picked products for you, and it’ll be my honor to do the official unveiling for you.

Our winner in the today’s category is the mini chopper called Micro from Magimix. My initial encounter with this little guy taught me its blades were more than sharp and ready to take on any sort of kitchen work I can put in front of it. I cut myself by acting like an amateur and checking the sharpness of the blades with my fingers. Real sleek. The design echoes with all the time invested to think it through. And it’s very well thought through, don’t get me wrong.

It even has an opening if you want to add some liquid into the mix. So, you can, for example make a perfect batch of mayonnaise inside the very bowl. It cuts like crazy, as I’ve said already. It cut through everything I’ve put inside the bowl like it was nothing.

That’s why this is our winner of the day. It has absolutely everything a perfect little chopper should have and you can depend on it completely to get the job done.

Why real men need a power tool and how to choose the best

Take a look at your toolbox. Now pause for a second and think about all those moment when you thought to yourself, “If I only had a good tool to use to sand this window frame…”

That’s the kind of problem that can be solved by owning a power oscillating multi tool. It’s an inexpensive solution to a lot of your little chores and problems and will make you look like real Mr. Fix it.

Dewalt DSC

But how to choose one? Which one of the power tools is the best? Which of the reviews I read to believe?

Stay tuned and we’ll try and answer some of these question.

Some of the other great handy multi tools are:

  • Rockwell Sonicrafter
  • Pretty much any Genesis or Dewalt model

…and a few other eye-candies from Black & Decker, Porter and Cable and a few other great brands of power tools

So what is a power multi tool in the first place?

Multi tool is a kind of Jack-of-all-trades when it comes to amateur carpentry. It’s basically one tool that incorporates a plethora of other.

But real high-quality and heavy duty oscillating multi tools are much more. They include all essential tools cutting and sanding, blade to be used for wood with nails, sanding pad with a number of sanding paper. Most of the time, an accessory adapter is included to make all of these versatile tasks possible.

So, to sum it up, the reason why any real handy man needs a multi tool is the fact that you can’t carry your toolbox around.

Are these tools any good and how to find a good one?

They come in all shapes of forms, from simple handy man tool to the kinds a professional carpenter would use. From small key-chain multi tools that are not going to be that useful for more serious jobs to heavy duty multi tools that can do the job(most of the time) as well as any standalone tool.

Short reviews of the Rockwell Sonicrafter

What I personally like about the Rafter as I call it is the fact that is no BS, real-del tool. What I mean when I say this is that it’s free of any cluttering pieces that you’ll never use. It maintains it’s cool if you will (doesn’t heat up) even after long hours of work.

The tools are easily deployable and safe to use and compared to similar tools (similar price and size) it includes blades that substantially longer. Once you have it in your hands you’ll realize why the heavy-duty blades are such a big deal to most users.

It’s closest competitor – the Dewalt DSC

If you look at the history of DeWalt as a brand, the turning point would be moving on from just radial arm saws and expanding their portfolio. Many years and Raymond E. DeWalt founded the company; they bring us the best oscillating tool the world has ever seen – the DeWalt DSC and its various versions.

best oscillating tool

Choosing the best –what to look for when reading reviews of power tools

If what you read about tools sounds like too much, you can always opt-in for a nice standalone drill, a saw and a sanding tool separately.

But if you do have the patience to think about getting one of these babies here is what to think about:

  • RPM and OPM (revolutions and oscillations per minute). The terms are self-explanatory and basically tell a story about how fast the power tool is.
  • V and AMPS (volts and amperes) measure how powerful a tool is. Naturally, the higher the numbers the more powerful the tool.
  • Cord length and a work light that would illuminate the working surface
  • How fast can you switch between accessories – Quick change of accessories feature
  • Cases for storage and dust extraction bins

Power tool comparison

Whether you go with a Rockwell, a Dewalt, a Genesis or a Black & Decker, there’s very little chance that you’ll regret it. These are all brands that mean business in the industry.

I’ve made the effort to compare only the best and top rated tools here, hand picked from the user reviews.

How to choose a hair straightener for thick hair

Thick hair has its pros and con, as all things in hairstyling and life in general do. Best hair straightener for thick hair is the name of the game if we really want to express the pros and negate the cons. I will try and teach you how to find the best hair straightener for thick hair, but if you are looking for a quick answer just see more reviews of the babyliss flat iron.

best babyliss flat ironOn one side, thick hair is positively stunning to look at. It looks beautiful, and that’s something anybody can see. On the other hand, it can be a nightmare to manage, and that’s the “dark truth” every person with dark hair out there knows all too well. Thick hair tends to be naturally curly, so it’s a bit more manageable if you like to wear it that way. If you’re into straight look, you’re in for a ride. I’m here to help with this article by telling you exactly what you should be on a lookout for when searching for a hair straightener powerful enough to tame that wild hair of yours.

It’s very important for you to know exactly what type of thick hair you have. Yes, thick hair is a type of hair, but there are several subtypes. You didn’t think I’ll go easy on you? You can have a corse or medium wavy thick hair, or you can have loose curls. Some of the features of thick hair are that it’ll have tons and tons on natural body and volume, and it will pretty much always have a curly look to it. Thick hair will also tend to be plagued by frizz. All of those problems are easily solvable if you pick the best hair straightener for thick hair, preferable for your type of thick hair.

The first thing you’ll want to go over are definitely the plates your new flat iron will feature. They can be made of a wide range of materials, and they’ll definitely raise the price if you opt for some premium options. My best bet was always titanium, but it’s also the most costly one. Titanium will heat up really fast, and all that heat will be distributed evenly throughout the plates. Even distribution will prevent damaging your hair since it’ll prevent hot spots from forming on your plates. Minimizing the heat damage is your top priority since you’ll need to subject your hair to some pretty intense temperatures in order to get it perfectly straight. Ceramic is a cheaper option, but it’s also a very good one. Ceramic also has good properties as far as heating up and heat distribution go. Just pay attention when buying a flat iron that you get one with plates made of solid ceramic, not just ceramic coated. You should also know that there are titanium coated plates, so some dishonest seller might try to take advantage of you giving you titanium coated plates as real titanium ones. Just be careful of these know pitfalls and you should do just fine.

As far as temperature goes, you’ll need it at around 380-410 degrees when we’re talking about thick hair. You don’t want it to go any higher than that because then you start opening yourself for some serious hair damage. That’s why you’ll want temperature control option on your new hair iron. If you can afford it, having a temperature lock on your iron is also a very good idea.

babyliss flat iron review

Size of the plates also play a very big roll. Not so much in terms of quality since small plates will do the same job as the bigger ones, it all comes down to time they’ll need to do it. So, if you have a very long hair and want to save a lot of time during your straightening session, you should opt for wider plates. Best hair straightener for thick hair is almost always the one with wider plates since you wouldn’t need a lot f straightening if your hair isn’t long already. If you rock some shorter variants, you can pull it off even with some narrower plates, but going long also means going wide.

I personally like having a bunch of accessories when I buy something new. If you’re like me, you’ll want to look for a model that comes with a lot of extra stuff. All those add-ons re not just for show either. They can be very useful if you decide to do something new or simply feel creative. The range of these little things is insanely wide. I prefer getting extra combs and brusher, but you can figure out what rocks your boat and adjust your purchase accordingly.


I hope I helped at least a little bit at getting you closer to your best hair straightener for thick hair with this article. Have fun shopping and see you soon.

Sanding tips to make you look like a pro

sanding2If there’s one thing that’s in common for all the woodworkers out there, no matter the level of expertise, it’s that absolutely every single one of them simply hated sanding stuff.

Luckily, we are living in the years of modern technologies, so not even sanding something is such a pain as it used to be. But we’re here today to talk about sanding by hand, There are numerous benefits of doing this work by hand, so no matter the trouble you’re about to go through it’s all going to be worth it once you take a look at the end result filled with all that pride and joy.

The most important thing I’ll get out of the way at the very beginning is that power sanders, no matter how flashy and powerful they are can’t really beat the ultimate finish provided by sanding your new woodworking marvel with a simple piece of sheet paper.

Necessary tools

Sandpaper is pretty much all you’re going to need in order to do your manual sanding. The second benefit of taking this road is the fact that you’re saving a lot of money in the process. Power sanders tend to cost a lot of money, as all power tools do, for that matter while sandpaper costs pretty much nothing in comparison.

9 x 12 inch sheets of sandpaper is what we’re talking about here, and you can consider them your one and only tool required for this article to have some sense. I like to cut those sheets into fours, so that the smaller pieces can give even greater sense of utmost control during the sanding process. Just wrap that bad boy around your favorite sanding block, and we can get straight to work.

Sanding the right way

As with pretty much all of woodworking operations, there is actually a wrong way to go about sanding.

One of the most obvious tips I can give you here is not to sand across the grain. Follow its path and sand with it, otherwise you’re pretty much doing it wrong. The flat side of your sanding block should always contact completely the wood’s surface. It’s a regular occurrence to go somewhat near the edges sanding with the grain, but be careful not to go over them. It’s another matter if you purposely want to make edges have a softer feel to them.



If you like wearing hats these are the hairstyles for you

hairstyle and hatsOk, this is a biggy.

Finding the perfect hairstyle to go along with your favorite hat is somewhat of a tricky business but fear not, that’s exactly why I’m here today. I’ll share some of my favorite option with you, and you can freely pick one that looks the cutest on you.

We have no words for wasting, so let’s get straight down to business.

Perfect just the way it is

The most banal, but also one of the best ways to go about it is simply leaving the hairstyle you already have and combining it with your favorite hat. You’ll feel much more comfortable wearing something that’s already familiar, and that’s the biggest percentage of what beauty represents, in my opinion. Now, the trick is to choose the hat that perfectly matches your hair. You didn’t think things will be that easy, now did you?

Loose waves

Long hair will look its best paired with fedoras and hats that are wide-brimmed. Cropped and shorter styles will go better with some cloches and caps. The key here is trying, failing, and trying again until you do it right. Have fun with it, and you’ll be amazed with the end result.

Loose waves

This is a hairstyle that goes great with all sorts of hats. That extra bit of oomph factor is what these waves are set on giving to your overall appearance. Curling iron is needed here to curl your hair divided in sections, and then just put your fingers to good use to loosen those curls up. Use whatever styling product you prefer once you’re done simply to fix them in place and voila! All that’s left to do now is popping on your favorite hat and you’re pretty much good to go.

Favorite brands of multi tools, Gerber, Leatherman, Victorinox

Shopping for a multi tool can be a difficult task. The market is awash with so many brands, types and styles of multi tools. Here I want to share my passion for (I am somewhat of a collector for 8 years now), tell you about my favorite brands. And yes, I want to give a special shoot-out to a website that guided me through the whole experience – website where Morry Banes, expert in the fields of multi tools (one of the very few) reviews the best pieces in his opinion.

Anyway, moving on, my favorite brands are: Gerber, Leatherman, and Victorinox.

Leatherman multi tool

Recommendation for these three favorite brand of multi tools are based on their five key categories; convenience, durability, size and appearance, selection of tools, and overall performance.


Unlike other multi tool, dome of the best Gerber pieces have a black composite handle that makes it more comfortable to deploy in cold weather. Gerber also has a more contemporary appearance and the tools appear individually much skinner. Most of it’s models are shorter than Victorinox though it features a thicker and wider design.

Furthermore, my favorite Gerbers are the lightest weight tool weighing (most often) less than 8 oz. Additionally, Gerber is the only tool with spring loaded pliers that makes them more convenient to deploy. Gerber’s tools can also be put away singlehandedly but only after some practice since it’s not easy to do.


Leatherman is known for sleek design, practicality and above all, tradition.

Their models are suitable for people who are averse to extra bulk on their pocket or belt. Most of their multi tools have classic design featuring just the essentials, with no extra clutter that you probably won’t use, anyway.

Additionally, Leatherman’s extra tools that are placed on the inside are easily deployable and feature an independent locking system, which has a nice large button to open the tools. Leatherman also has a set of optional multi tools on their web page with majority of the tools having similar exact tools with or without a few tools. It has an ideal number of tools that don’t make it more bulky.

Leatherman is also a carefully though-through combination of tools, which include things you may require for camping such as a can opener and a saw as well as day-to-day things such as a good screw driver. Leatherman is made by a trusted United States company, which guarantees its durability. Most of their pieces have 10 to 25 year warranty in case of breakage.



A trained eye can spot Victorinox multi tool from a mile away.

Its extremely clean design, metallic look give it that specific look that cannot be mistaken for anything else. Victorinox also feature tools like saw, can opener, and larger scissors. The stoppage points, when deploying the pliers further forms an ideal flat surface that can be used as a ruler. Victorinox also feature a variety of tools that are ideally suited for outdoor activities and day-to-day chores.


There you go, I am not that special, my 3 favorite brands of multi tools are at the same time the best known ones but I am the kind of a guy that looks for simplicity and practicality.