If you like wearing hats these are the hairstyles for you

hairstyle and hatsOk, this is a biggy.

Finding the perfect hairstyle to go along with your favorite hat is somewhat of a tricky business but fear not, that’s exactly why I’m here today. I’ll share some of my favorite option with you, and you can freely pick one that looks the cutest on you.

We have no words for wasting, so let’s get straight down to business.

Perfect just the way it is

The most banal, but also one of the best ways to go about it is simply leaving the hairstyle you already have and combining it with your favorite hat. You’ll feel much more comfortable wearing something that’s already familiar, and that’s the biggest percentage of what beauty represents, in my opinion. Now, the trick is to choose the hat that perfectly matches your hair. You didn’t think things will be that easy, now did you?

Loose waves

Long hair will look its best paired with fedoras and hats that are wide-brimmed. Cropped and shorter styles will go better with some cloches and caps. The key here is trying, failing, and trying again until you do it right. Have fun with it, and you’ll be amazed with the end result.

Loose waves

This is a hairstyle that goes great with all sorts of hats. That extra bit of oomph factor is what these waves are set on giving to your overall appearance. Curling iron is needed here to curl your hair divided in sections, and then just put your fingers to good use to loosen those curls up. Use whatever styling product you prefer once you’re done simply to fix them in place and voila! All that’s left to do now is popping on your favorite hat and you’re pretty much good to go.

Favorite brands of multi tools, Gerber, Leatherman, Victorinox

Shopping for a multi tool can be a difficult task. The market is awash with so many brands, types and styles of multi tools. Here I want to share my passion for (I am somewhat of a collector for 8 years now), tell you about my favorite brands. And yes, I want to give a special shoot-out to a website that guided me through the whole experience – website where Morry Banes, expert in the fields of multi tools (one of the very few) reviews the best pieces in his opinion.

Anyway, moving on, my favorite brands are: Gerber, Leatherman, and Victorinox.

Leatherman multi tool

Recommendation for these three favorite brand of multi tools are based on their five key categories; convenience, durability, size and appearance, selection of tools, and overall performance.


Unlike other multi tool, dome of the best Gerber pieces have a black composite handle that makes it more comfortable to deploy in cold weather. Gerber also has a more contemporary appearance and the tools appear individually much skinner. Most of it’s models are shorter than Victorinox though it features a thicker and wider design.

Furthermore, my favorite Gerbers are the lightest weight tool weighing (most often) less than 8 oz. Additionally, Gerber is the only tool with spring loaded pliers that makes them more convenient to deploy. Gerber’s tools can also be put away singlehandedly but only after some practice since it’s not easy to do.


Leatherman is known for sleek design, practicality and above all, tradition.

Their models are suitable for people who are averse to extra bulk on their pocket or belt. Most of their multi tools have classic design featuring just the essentials, with no extra clutter that you probably won’t use, anyway.

Additionally, Leatherman’s extra tools that are placed on the inside are easily deployable and feature an independent locking system, which has a nice large button to open the tools. Leatherman also has a set of optional multi tools on their web page with majority of the tools having similar exact tools with or without a few tools. It has an ideal number of tools that don’t make it more bulky.

Leatherman is also a carefully though-through combination of tools, which include things you may require for camping such as a can opener and a saw as well as day-to-day things such as a good screw driver. Leatherman is made by a trusted United States company, which guarantees its durability. Most of their pieces have 10 to 25 year warranty in case of breakage.



A trained eye can spot Victorinox multi tool from a mile away.

Its extremely clean design, metallic look give it that specific look that cannot be mistaken for anything else. Victorinox also feature tools like saw, can opener, and larger scissors. The stoppage points, when deploying the pliers further forms an ideal flat surface that can be used as a ruler. Victorinox also feature a variety of tools that are ideally suited for outdoor activities and day-to-day chores.


There you go, I am not that special, my 3 favorite brands of multi tools are at the same time the best known ones but I am the kind of a guy that looks for simplicity and practicality.