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Looking for a different way to earn your high school diploma? At Virtual High School you can earn a 22 credit Board of Education approved on line high school diploma.

We Offering

We have been offering our virtual high school diploma since 2001. We have Independent study courses and over 600 on line classes to choose from. Monroe Virtual School graduates have gone on to attend Azusa Pacific University, UN-Reno, UW-Milwaukee, and U of Florida. Other graduates are attending various Technical Schools, the Military and Work options.


Virtual High School has over 600 course offerings. Courses are available from the University of Missouri, University of Nebraska, Brigham Young University, Stetson University, Oregon State University and our own Independent Study Classes.

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How to apply

Open enrollment allows parents to apply for their children to attend school districts other than the one in which they live. Open enrollment is available to all Wisconsin residents in 5-year-old Kindergarten to grade 12.