It All Adds Up – It All Adds Up is another nicely designed site that focuses directly at high schoolers to help them understand responsible personal finance management skills and the proper care and use of credit. There are five modules on getting and using a credit card, buying a car, budgeting, saving and investing and going to college. Activities are linked to NCTM standards and the teacher support is first rate.

Unofficial Student Manual – Ideal for high school students getting ready for college, and even for college freshmen, here’s a site that covers everything from studying and social skills to living essentials and budgeting. It is full of succinct tutorials and great conversation starters for young adults getting ready to take care of themselves financially and otherwise.

Banking Services – Here you will find links to anything and everything related to banking. You will find information on money skills you need for life: banking, checking accounts, investing, budgeting, etc. A great site for people of all ages!


Biology4Kids! – If you are looking for biology basics, this is the site for you! This site offers an introduction to the science of biology. It’s not just biology for kids; it’s for everyone!

Biology Resources – Here you will find links to everything biology! You will find online animal dissections, biology in motion, information on DNA, and many, many more. A good start for any biology project to get the ideas flowing!


Chem4Kids! – If you are looking for chemistry basics, this is the site for you! You can find information on matter, atoms, elements, the periodic table, reactions, and biochemistry. This site offers an introduction to the science of chemistry. It’s not just for kids; it’s for everyone!

Chemistry – Here you will find links to everything chemistry! You will find help with those challenging calculations, experiments and demonstrations, a comic book periodic table, and tons of other resources. If you need chemistry help, you need this site!


Geography4Kids! – If you are looking for physical geography or earth science basics, this is the site for you! This site offers and introduction to the earth sciences that include topics on the Earth’s structure, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere (for a start). It’s not just geography for kids; it’s for everyone!

The 50 States – Links to your favorite places in the United States. Here you will find information on weather, state flags, government, and landforms.

Geography – Here you will find links to anything geography: virtual destinations, maps, climate information, cartography, and many more!

Maps and Mapping – You can find links to all of your mapping needs here. There are US maps, world maps, map math, etc.


Health and PE – These sites promote healthy choices and an active lifestyle for kids of all different ages. Enjoy!


Celebrate America! – Here you will find links to American history from lesson plan ideas to virtual museums. If you like American history, you will definitely like what you find here!

Colonial America – The Avalon Project and Project Gutenberg are two prime examples of how Internet access means access to history and the classics. When it comes to American colonial history this holds especially true. The links recommended here are some of the best sites out there on Colonial America. In addition to primary sources, there are also teacher pages, lesson ideas and how-to craft pages all designed to help make learning come alive!

American Revolution – Here is a collection of top resources for teaching and learning about the American Revolution.

Independence Day – Here you will find a collection of lessons, wallpaper, presentation, collections of fireworks, and much more!

Egypt – Here you will find an amazing collection of Egyptian resources that spans the grade levels. Learn about ancient art, cultures, history, and mysteries of Egypt. Discover tombs, pyramids, and mummies.

Presidents – This site offers an overview of all of our Presidents as well as pages on each individual. You will even find trivia and memorobilia!

20th Century – Here you will find some of the best links on the 20th century including additional resources on the advancements in the Arts and Sciences in the 20th century.

Women’s History – As modern historiography has made the shift to building history from the ground up – focusing on everyday life and the impact it had on significant events – the study of women’s history has become an important theme. Here you will find a list of some of the very best sites online to learn about women’s history.


American Slanguages – Asks you to “choose a city and talk like the locals” – foreign cities too; ok ok be careful with this one, but the rich uses of language here outweight the…

English Club – English Club is a site to help you learn English or teach English as a second language. Access to all pages is free. You’ll find everything from lessons for students to jobs for teachers, including interactive pages such as forums, games, quizzes, chat, help and penpals.

The Basic Elements of English – Grammar tutorials offered by the English Department at the University of Calgary. This site is divided into four major tutorial sections: Parts of Speech, Sentence Elements, Punctuation and Word Use. You can test your grammar skills and get immediate feedback by trying the exercises at the end of the tutorials.

Essortment – All about writing for fun and profit. From sending a business letter to authoring a children’s book, learn all about writing from a large collection of informative articles from Essortment.

Ask?Away – Have a question? Need an answer? Librarians from around the country are available whenever you need information — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This free service will connect you to an experienced librarian who has the knowledge and tools to find the information you need.

Author!Author! – Links to your favorite authors including Judy Blume, Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein!

Balanced Literacy – Here you will find links to literacy for all ages: students, parents, and teachers. You will find links to reading, literacy, and writing for everyone!

Books, Books and More Books! – Here you will find links to everything books! You will find links to writing your own virtual stories, online books, history of books, your favorite authors, and many, many more. If you like books, you must check out this site!

Creative Drama – Creative drama is a powerful tool in the hands of a Master Teacher. It makes learning come alive through plays, improvisations, re-enactments and role playing. Here you will find links to various play, theatre, and drama pages for teachers and students.

English Resources – Here you will find links to everything English! You will find links to: common grammar mistakes, ways to build vocabulary, a place to ask English questions, and many more.

Top Language Arts Sites – While there are many Language Arts sites on the Web, those of a truly high caliber that can enrich and even transform your curriculum are in a separate class all by themselves. This site contains some of the very best resources for both traditional Language Arts and modern communications applications. Have fun!

Language Arts Update – Find links to just about anything related to language arts: drama, English, library, literature, media, and writing.

Research Resources – Doing a research paper and need some help? You’ve come to the right place!

Writing and Publishing – Aspiring writers who could never get past the editor’s desk of any traditional publishing company are getting their work published online to gain exposure for their talent. Teachers and students can take advantage of this by accessing information on writing,
immersing themselves in the work of online authors, and publishing themselves. The challenge is to add to the body of work of online authors by publishing truly quality student writing. Hopefully you will find something here to pique your interest and motivate you to take that challenge!


Economics – Here you will find links to make learning about or teaching economics fun!

Innovative Teaching’s Top Math Sites – Links to some of the best math sites around. Here you will find math history, algebra, geometry, puzzles and games, and much, much more.

Math Resources from Innovative Teaching – Here you will find more great links to math websites. You can find anything from daily math to crazy simulations. A fun site to browse through for all math needs.

Problem Solving – This site offers all kinds of activities from elementary through high school to promote applying mathematical strategies in varied contexts and novel situations in every subject taught.


Heroes – The hero (and heroine) has always been a pivotal character in literature, largely because he or she personified those attributes we look for in real life. Heroes are compassionate, intuitive, giving, daring, courageous and true of heart. They are selfless, honest, hardworking and willing to take a stand. More importantly, heroes by their very existence bring out the best in us. With everything going on in society today, the concept of the hero is being reexamined as sports stars and entertainers are taking a back seat to rescue workers and law enforcement personnel. Regardless, we all aspire to be heroes, and so what better topic to study with our students? Here you will find links to your favorite heroes from historical figures to Olympic athletes.

The Middle Ages – Consider these links in planning your own Medieval studies. Sstudents can research, construct, and perform for Renaissance Fairs or take an animated tour of the Renaissance beginning in Italy and traveling through time across Europe.

Mysteries – Help solve the mystery of a famous work of art, or learn about mysterious places around the world. These are just some of the fascinating things you can do from the links on this site!

Mythology – Here you’ll find a wealth of information online that is ready for classroom use as you study ancient mythologies. Study Gods, heroes, and legends; or examine myths, folk tales and fairy tales.

Walter McKenzie’s Innovative Teaching – If you are still searching for more resources, this is a good place to look!

Walter McKenzie’s One and Only Surfaquarium – If you are still not finding what you are looking for, you may want to try here. Many of our resources came from this site, and you may find some that we missed.


Earth Day – Here is an offering of what’s out there to help kids make the connections between their studies and one of the true remnants of unabashed activism still thriving today – the environmental movement.

Earth Sciences – From geology and geography to meteorology and oceanography, the Earth Sciences cover a lot of territory in the school curriculum. While there is an abundance of material out there online, here are some must see sites!

Inventions – Simple machines are a common Science topic across the nation, and there is no better way to apply skills and concepts of simple machines than implementing a unit challenging students to apply what they’ve learned! In fact, whether you’re approaching it from a purely science point-of-view or you’d like to incorporate math and language arts, a unit study of inventors and inventions is a great way to offer, authentic, real world, higher level application of skills and concepts students have been learning over the span of their academic careers. From this site, you will find dozens of resources designed to help you make this a show-stopper for your school year.

Inventors 2006 – Some of the best online resources on inventors and inventions!

NASA Resources – Learn about everything NASA. Here you can discover things such as human space flight, origins of the Universe, or take a closer look at a shuttle mission.

Ocean Resources – The oceans are a timeless source of life and beauty. In its study,
oceanography, marine biology, and many related disciplines offer rich, meaningful, connections for teachers and students. The resources you will find here are some of the best of the best for bringing the oceans into your classroom and making them come to life.

Physics Resources – From wave theory to quantum mechanics, there’re all kinds of simulations, applications, and experiments to see and participate in.

Science 2003 – Here you will find ample resources for every topic of science. Here you can visit a virtual planetarium, learn about robots, explore the human body, and perform fun chemistry experiments. Keep looking – you will find much, much more here too!

Simple Machines – The study of simple machines begins in the elementary grades and never seems to end. It is one of those scientific staples that integrates so well into related disciplines, it has become a staple in textbooks and science kits no matter where you teach. And rightly so – simple machines can be as hands-on or as theoretical, as creative or as based in critical thinking as you like. It plugs into science fair projects nicely and makes for popular lab activities regardless of the age of your students.

Virtual Field Trips – Virtual Field Trips (VFTs) can take us inside a plant cell, along a body system, across constellations and through time. Consider taking the Volcano World Virtual Field Trips.

Virtual Science Museums – Virtual science museums gives you a variety of websites that offer vicarious science experiences using Web technologies. Most of these sites are the online presence for actual museums located around the world, but it is their specific orientation to science that can make them especially invaluable. Consider the University of Toronto’s Museum of Scientific Instruments, whose Mystery Instruments page offers all kinds of opportunities for higher level thinking and detective work. It’s offbeat, unconventional, and it offers a learning experience that you can’t replicate in your classroom.


Civics Resources – As a facet of Social Studies, Civics has taken a back seat to History, Geography and Collaborative Projects on the WWW thus far. But there are some excellent resources out there for those of us learning about and/or teaching government and citizenship. Consider these offerings as you continue your good work in the classroom!

News in the Classroom – Here you will find links to various news resources: NPR, CNN, C-SPAN, Washington Post, and many others.

Social Studies 2003 – Here you will find a variety of social studies topics: flags of the world, virtual geography tours, discover great buildings of the world throughout history, and so much more!


Freevocabulary – Here’s a site that offers 5000 definitions to words commonly found on standardized tests like the SAT. it’s a grocery list folks, best saved to your hard drive so you can use your browser’s Find function to quickly sort through words later. There’s also a link to Texas Instruments where they have created Study Cards that run on the TI-73 and TI-83 Plus covering vocabulary, literature, math science, social studies, the arts and much, much more! – Here’s a completely free site dedicated to helping students prepare for such tests as the SAT and GRE with such features as word and problem of the day, a vocabulary builder, and a free tutorial that allows students to receive feedback on their work – even sending e-mail reminders of what to study! There’s also a coach’s page for parents and teachers trying to support their students in preparing for the test.

Secrets of the SAT – PBS’ Frontline series tackles the Standardized Achievement Test with a look at its history, a discussion of its use to screen college applicants, and an exercise in rating and following five applicants through the admissions process to see who actually is accepted. There’s video and audio clips and controversial topics like the “booming test prep business” and “race sensitive admissions”.

Standardized Test Preparation – Studying for SAT, ACT, GED, GRE and need help? You’ve come to the right place!


Clip Art – Want to make your assigment stand out? Here you will find links to any kind of clip art you could think of.

Creative Internet Applications – There are many ways that Internet resources can accompany the the classroom, but what is truly impressive is the selection of sites which create new and innovative ways to reach children. Warning: You’ll want a big chunk of free time to explore – these aren’t just creative…..they’re FUN!

Cutting Edge – Here is a link to some current hot technologies for instruction. These are not so much cutting edge in terms of technology as much as they are cutting edge in the ways they integrate technology into instruction.

Electronic Instruction – When you’re looking for lesson plans, units, projects and ideas, these are the places to go!

Teaching Students to Use the Internet – Here you will find links to downloads, interactive sites, how to appropriately use the internet, and many more.

Keypals – Here you will find links on how to have your own keypal (email penpal) and a variety of lessons associated with having one. This is a great resource for ESL students, language arts classes, and cultural explorations.

HTML Technology and Media – Wondering how to integrate the Web with electronic and print media? If so, this site gives a great selection of websites to do just that! Here you will find Bill Nye science labs, NOVA resources, PBS, School of Rock, etc.

Online Units – Here you will find a collection of resources for online units for just about any topic. This site is mostly meant for teachers, but student will also enjoy the hands-on activities, crafts, and great graphics.

Technology Tutorials – Can’t figure out how to use Adobe? Stumped on HTML codes? Ever wonder how graphics can come alive? If you answered ‘Yes!’ to any of these questions, you must check out these links!

Virtual Timelines – With the powerful capabilities of today’s browsers, it has become possible to create a visual representation of a timeline that allows the viewer to interact in order to access deeper layers of information. More importantly, these timelines can also demonstrate relationships – connections – between different kinds of information. This site gives a sampling of the best of what is currently available in the domain of virtual timelines including: Harry Potter timeline, music timeline, invention timeline, etc.