What is the  Virtual School Diploma?
This is a School District of Monroe Board of Education approved 22 credit diploma that provides a top-quality, individualized education. Options for credit are many and varied including: online classes, correspondence courses,  High School classes, service-learning work, and self-paced Physical Education.

What curriculum is provided?
The instructional resources used for the diploma are a unique combination of online, correspondence, and other options for credit with maximum flexibility for students. All course materials, such as textbooks and tests, are provided as part of the Monroe Virtual High School Independent Education Program.

How do students work with the required curriculum?
A student’s choice of credit options will determine the interaction with the curriculum. Students may opt to complete courses online, using print/correspondence-based materials, and gain hands-on experiences through work study and service learning. To access online course work, students need to have a basic understanding of computer use. The goal of the program is to tailor the learning options to best match the student’s individual learning style.

Is the curriculum accredited?
The Monroe Independent Education Diploma has been approved by the School District of Monroe Board of Education and is accredited. The program meets the legislative and Department of Public Instruction (DPI) guidelines for graduation. The curriculum is a professional curriculum developed by accredited institutions such as Brigham Young University, the University of Missouri, University of Nebraska and Stetson University.

What grades do you cover?
The  Virtual High School is a grade 9-12 program.


How is a student’s grade placement determined?

For students entering the program, initial grade placement is determined after a review of an official transcript, other documentation, and information provided by the student and/or parent during the application process. Grade advancement will be based on cumulative credits earned while enrolled in the program. The school district’s decision on grade placement is final.

Can students add courses to their program from outside the Monroe Virtual High School course offerings?
Only if approved by the review committee. Any courses added from sources outside the Monroe Virtual High School course offerings must be at cost of the parent or student.

What are the parents required to do?
While each student in the program will be assigned a teacher-mentor, the role of the parent is often crucial in determining the success of a student enrolled in the Independent Education Program. Parents are encouraged to monitor their child’s progress, help the student in setting up a study schedule, and to contact the program administrator if the student is falling seriously behind.

How will I communicate with my child’s teachers or the Program Coordinator?
Parents and students can communicate through e-mail, toll-free telephone conversations, written correspondence, or personal appointments. Communication information will be provided at time of program enrollment.
What access to technology will the student have?
Online computers will be available to students at a learning center designated by the School District of Monroe. Students may also use home computers. When available, students may also access computers in their community, such as those at public libraries. Other than computers located at the Monroe Virtual High School Center, the School District of Monroe assumes no responsibility for costs related to computer hardware, software, or Internet connections. Maintenance and technical support will be limited to Monroe School District computers.