Virtual Diploma has over 600 course offerings. Courses are available from the University of Missouri, University of Nebraska, Brigham Young University, Stetson University, Oregon State University and our own Independent Study Classes.

Virtual Diploma teachers and the Virtual Diploma guidance counselor are available year round to help you pick the courses that are right for you and your post graduation goals. We also have a Course Suggestion List with recommended classes to begin with.

Students awarded a high school diploma must satisfactorily complete the minimum 22 credit requirements to graduate. Thirteen (13) credits are required.

  • Four credits of English (4)
  • Two credits of Math (2)
  • One half credit of Government (1/2)
  • One credit of American History (1)
  • One and one half credit of Social Studies (1 1/2)
  • One half credit of Health (1/2)*
  • Two credits of Science (2)
  • One half credit of Service Learning (1/2)
  • One and one half credit of Physical Education (1 1/2)
  • Nine credits of Electives (9)

* Special notes: Parents can opt their student, out of health for religious reasons. If the student is opted out of health the 1/2 credit must be picked up somewhere else.